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True craftmanship to ensure exceptional uniqueness.

"The Bruno Delgrange range is made entirely by hand, always considering the welfare of the animals. This craftsmanship is the real strong-point of our workshop, which has been awarded the EPV label, a symbol of excellence for French expertise. Each piece can be customized and guarantees a unique feel."

A name that means perfection.

"The Bruno Delgrange brand is recognized worldwide for its values and the perfection of its work. Our workshop is entirely dedicated to the equestrian world and remains at the heart of our passion for the horse, responding to the specific needs of riders."

The class is in the detail.

"Our saddles are made from natural, full grain leather from French, Italian and English tanneries. Each of these represents excellence in its specialty. An indispensable prerequisite, which gives our saddles the ability to enhance and extend the pleasure of riding over time."



Jumping Saddle

Product Characteristics:

• Semi-deep seat with neutral balance
• Size: from 16 to 18’ 1/2
• Flaps: from 2 to 6
• Colors: Grained caramel &  Black
• Front and rear blocks

Retail Price: R92 000


Jumping Saddle

Product Characteristics:

• Slightly deeper seat with neutral balance
• Seat size: from 16 to 18’1/2
• Flap size: from 2 to 6
• Colors: Grained caramel & Black
• Front and rear blocks

Retail Price: R92 000

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