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Like gut flora, skin flora are an important part of the body’s natural defences. The active pre- and probiotics in Cavalor Derma Spray reinforce the army of good bacteria on the skin and protect the skin flora to support the natural defence mechanisms.

Use Cavalor Derma Spray natural cleansing spray on the skin, coat, mane, and tail. Ideal for treating common wounds, itching, irritation and other skin problems. For horse lovers, it’s a must-have in the stable.

Its pH neutral formula is specially made to strengthen the natural defences of equine skin and ensure healthy microflora. “Good” bacteria cover the treated surface and reproduce quickly to form a barrier and inhibit other organisms from settling. This helps to prevent and alleviate serious skin problems.

Cavalor Derma Spray can also be used to clean wounds, supporting the body’s natural healing process.

Cavalor Derma Spray 250ml

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